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Beyond Belief – Is Jesus Really Divine?

Let me start today with a prayer that I will speak (write) respectfully and truthfully regarding a comment I received on a post I made a couple months back, earlier in this series on apologetics (explaining your faith to non-believers … Continue reading

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Beyond Belief – What the Heck is the Trinity? Is God Three or Is He One?

Last week in our journey through apologetics (our ability to defend our faith to those who doubt it or help it make sense to those earnestly trying to understand it), we addressed the divinity of Jesus. This naturally leads us … Continue reading

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Whispers from God

How Jehovah’s Witnesses Caused My Relationship with Jesus Someone commented on my last post, remarking on the believability factor of the Bible, for which I’m grateful. It made me think back on my own journey to relationship with my Lord … Continue reading

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Dance of Three–or Four

Imagine that you’ve been wandering through the desert for days. You’re overheated and parched, starting to become confused. Maybe it’s not too tough to picture on this midsummer evening… Out of nowhere, you stumble upon a cottage. Lights on, blinds … Continue reading

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Poem about the Trinity

Pas de Trois (Invitation) I wander down The street, accepted by Few, but mostly Not. There is noise in one big House, noise and Light, laughter. Music that makes me think of Something I lost a long time ago. Outside, … Continue reading

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