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Acts Two, Acts Too

In my journey through the Bible in a year with Brian Hardin and Daily Audio Bible, we’ve come to the second chapter of the book of Acts, which is really the start of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the … Continue reading

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The Power of God in You

During his earthly ministry, Jesus did a number of miracles–amazing feats that were inexplicable except if you consider that Jesus was and is part of the Triune God. Toward the end of his life, he promised his disciples that the … Continue reading

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Dance of Three–or Four

Imagine that you’ve been wandering through the desert for days. You’re overheated and parched, starting to become confused. Maybe it’s not too tough to picture on this midsummer evening… Out of nowhere, you stumble upon a cottage. Lights on, blinds … Continue reading

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Being Resurrected by the Resurrected King

One week removed from Easter, how are you feeling now? How long did the Easter glow last? For me, Holy Week 2020 was a deeper, richer experience than normal, thanks to the forced rhythm of life being slower this year … Continue reading

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