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Letting Go for Lent

Lent started this past Wednesday. This is the time on the Christian calendar when some Christians around the world and throughout history have begun their spiritual preparations for Holy Week and Easter. Of course, it is best known for people … Continue reading

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Holy Exchange – What You Receive, Not What You Give Up

Even though I’m not Catholic, I took up the practice of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter that begins with Ash Wednesday) many years ago. This is a great invitation to reflect on and prepare our hearts for … Continue reading

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Lent and Love in the Land of 33 Million gods

Around this time of year, during Lent eight years ago, I ventured to India. While there, I learned that Hinduism celebrates about 33 million gods, which fascinated me. 33 million? How do you pray to that many gods? I visited … Continue reading

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