Sacrificial Love – A Mother and Her Children

As this Mother’s Day winds down, it occurs to me that there may be no love in human relationships more ferocious and personal–or more like God’s love–than the love a mother feels for her children.

I’m a dad, so I don’t mean to down-play a father’s love for his kids. I would have (and still would) give my life for my children, and I know many dads feel the same. But moms give their lives into their children better than dads do. For a mom, their kids’ problems become their problems. When a child’s heart is broken by a friend (or boy/girlfriend), or by not being selected for a team or to play a part in the school play, their mom’s heart breaks for them even more than a dad’s does. Moms seem to be quicker to forgive and more full of grace. Moms are more likely to love so much it hurts.

These all describe attributes of God’s love for us.

Jesus loved and honored his mother. Joseph would have had a significant influence on him, of course, but we don’t hear anything more about him in the Bible after he and Mary almost lose Jesus when he was 12 years old (“Oops, we lost the King of the Universe, let’s go back…”). This, of course, isn’t to say that fathers aren’t important (they are), but I’m only pointing out that God the Son clearly experienced the special bond a child has with his/her mother.

I’ve heard of situations where people have struggled with the idea that God is a loving father because their earthly fathers were horrible to them or abandoned them. And they have a hard time trusting or loving God as a result. I wonder if it would help them at all to instead think of how their mother has loved them.

Anyway, it is with all this in mind that I wish all moms, moms-to-be, and women striving to be moms a happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you for painting the best picture of sacrificial love that there is this side of heaven.

In Memorium, fondly remembering my mom and mother-in-law:  Nancy Carpenter and Patricia Little.

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Photographer of Light and Life, Writer of Life as it finds me
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2 Responses to Sacrificial Love – A Mother and Her Children

  1. FIL says:

    Mothers are special and you illustrated it well in this blog SIL Thank you for reminding us of this special bond As always your blog leaves a soft glow in my heart

  2. Thank you, FIL, I appreciate the kind words.

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