Easter Poem



Face down in the dirt
While you hang there with
Nails I drove through your feet and hands.
How could I let this happen? How
Could I cause this to happen?
Your tears and blood drip into the dust
All around me making strange
Mud that should make any
Blind man see.

I draped my hopes on
Your carpenter shoulders, a
Glowing, precious mantle of
Tomorrow’s victories. You also
Grabbed my fears and worries,
Hoisted them on your back,
Carried them like nothing.
Now I guess I take them back,
Adding more to the pile.
What happens now?
Where are you now?
Glowing mantle gone, dripping
Into the dust with your blood.

Wandering in the wilderness,
Two days that seem like 40.

New week comes, another
Day of hopelessness, but then—
Your body is gone? But then
There you are, wearing my
Golden glowing mantle. On my
Knees at your feet, now
My tears in the dust.
Why have you done this for me?
Where are you now?
Living inside me, really

Everywhere, if I only look hard enough.


David K. Carpenter
March 19, 2016

About Writing & Photography by David K. Carpenter

Photographer of Light and Life, Writer of Life as it finds me
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