Hosanna! God Save Me from Myself

Palm Sunday

And so the journey
To the cross begins with
A choice:
You climb not on a
War horse, but an
Animal of peace. But really?
A donkey? This isn’t
What I expected. A god made in my image
Would win the war and save us all.

Ugh. Turn over this table
In my heart—disappointments, not
Meeting my expectations of You.
Disrupt wherever I hold fast to
Cheap imitation truths.
Take out the garbage—anything
Not from You.
Kill it on a cross, like I
Did to You, and will do again this Friday. 
Break me, make me 
To be what You expect from me.

Hosanna! God save me from
You know I can’t do it on my own,
Even though I never stop trying.

David K. Carpenter
March 28, 2021
(c)Copyright 2021 David K. Carpenter, All Rights Reserved
(c) Copyright 2021 David K. Carpenter Photography, All Rights Reserved

About Writing & Photography by David K. Carpenter

Photographer of Light and Life, Writer of Life as it finds me
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6 Responses to Hosanna! God Save Me from Myself

  1. Kristin Carpenter says:


  2. djlcon says:

    Believing I cant do it without Jesus is one thing KNOWING i cant do it without Jesus is different….for me. Well written again SIL I know my God loves me I want to know that I will trust Him ALWAYS I do not want to keep trying to do “it” without Him Thanks son for this blog

  3. katycarpenter26 says:

    I love your poetry! Beautiful

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